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StepKids was my NYC acting debut. This musical is cutting edge because through song, step, rap and dance sequences, it revolves around black inner city school kids experiencing the world while exploring topics of fat shaming, autism, queerness, culture, racial displacement, black history, revolting against oppressive structure and most of all chosen family.

What’s New?

I have joined Gloucester Stage Company for the second time this season for the World Premiere of “Tall Tales From Blackburn Tavern.” Tall Tales From Blackburn Tavern is a fun, ensemble based show that covers stories tracing back 400 years in Gloucester history. 


In the show, I play a total of 18 characters, complete with different voices, physicalizations and even costume pieces.

I took a trip to Chicago to hit the Lollapalooza stage in 2023 as a choreographer and dancer.
This is my second summer dancing for a music festival stage, with my first one being Osheaga in Montreal, Canada in 2022.

By Zora Howard


I have joined Gloucester Stage’s 2023 season in the Regional Premiere of the Pulitzer Finalist play, Stew, directed by Rosalind Bevan. I thoroughly enjoyed the run of the show, playing Lil’ Mama: a tween experiencing the rude awakening of the world. Stew is about family, hardships, and loving through the ugly. Stew teaches us the lesson of how to function through the dysfunction.

I was delighted to Join the ‘HOT 97’s Summer Jam’ fam as a backup dancer. Summer Jam was my second ever music festival opportunity, and I don’t plan to stop there!

Bright Half Life

By Tanya Barfield

Time blurs the mind, but not the heart. The scrambled timeline of this piece shows whether it’s budding, warm or worn, that love is a constant. The evergreen nature of love surpasses any argument, whether it is who paid for swim lessons or should two women be able to marry. 


My character is specified as femme, but handles lots of logistical aspects at work and in the relationship. It is a breath of fresh air to not push heteronormative ideas like the incompetence of women in comparison to a masc counterpart. 


This show is a relational reset. Many contemporary shows are think pieces for your mind. This show is also a think piece for your heart. 


In Vicky and Erica’s relationship, there is a tender overtone. Many stage bonds only have silver linings of tenderness, but this couple leads with warmth, spark and passion. 

Without You - Tylan

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