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Things I’ve Said…

Technique is simply the vehicle that drives us to the furthest bounds of artistry.


Failing is your divine right. When you own your failures, you gift yourself the opportunity to grow beyond them. 


“Reasonable Dreams” is oxymoronic. You're reaching for the clouds when there’s stars. 


Don't exhaust yourself: Staring doesn’t make you see any better; You have to blink in order to see things with fresh eyes.


Rest too, is productive. Without refueling, you hinder your greatness. Withholding food, sleep, mental breaks and free days is self destructive, and not conducive to the goal. 

…Things I Believe In

Art is bled. It is a natural resource. It cannot be forcefully extracted without compromisation of the quality. It cannot be digitally produced without compromisation of emotional integrity.


Being inquisitive is only seen as ‘trouble making’ in environments that thrive off of blind obedience. You should challenge them.

Conforming to outdated ideas feeds the environments that breed them. We didn’t study the deconstruction of sexism, racism, perfectionism, and capitalism just to stand silent once we get to the “room where it happens.” If the future is in my hands, I get to mold it.


Be unapologetic. ‘Sorry’ is no place to make a home out of.


When you're unsure, don't shut yourself out, speak in drafts. It’s okay to figure things out on your own time, your life is a living document.

There is a difference between perfection and completion, and if you chain yourself to the idea of perfection, you’re never going to hit achievement. 

Things I Stand For.

Making it a goal to be able to afford your morals. From a poorly aligned company to a relationship that is no longer serving you; if your boundaries are pushed, do not waver, do not negotiate, do not settle. Strive to be able to afford to give yourself a life that doesn’t corner you to compromise.

A livable wage as an artist is one that costs not your peace and dignity, but the renewable resources. We must be internal environmentalists in order to preserve our natural creative flow.

BURNOUT IS NOT A TROPHY. Without boundaries, you are opening yourself to be taken advantage of by companies that artistically objectify you. You are to be a human first, where the end of your humanity will quickly lead to the end of your creativity.


Witness yourself and give yourself your flowers. Our job as creatives is hard and strenuous mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Not many jobs cover that much. 


Don't put your achievements or acknowledgments solely in the hands of others’ ideas or opinions. Have your own values.

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