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T 2021-11 Everybody - Photo by Eric Antoniou 007.JPG
T 2021-11 Everybody - Photo by Eric Antoniou 096.JPG


‘EveryBody’ by Branden Jacobs Jenkins

Directed by Pascale Florestal


The Boston Conservatory

Contemporary Theatre BFA


Talent Unlimited High School

Double Endorsed Arts Diploma for Theatre and Dance


Professors Including:

Igor Golyak, Pascale Florestal, Dave Valdes, Theresa Lang, Marianna Bassham, Kate Amory, Erika Bailey, Marcus Giamatti

Photo by Eric Antoniou. Copyright 2022. Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Circle In The Square 2019




Commonwealth Shakespeare Co.: 

Midsummer Nights Dream

Dir. Victoria Townsend


The Fled Collective: Step Kids

Dir. Dolores Pereira

Gloucester Stage: Tall Tales from Blackburn Tavern

Dir. Bryn Boice


Gloucester Stage: Stew

Dir. Rosalind Bevan


Boston Theatre Marathon: Pauligarchy

Dir. Alex Leondedis

Boston Conservatory’s: Bright Half Life

Dir. Melia Jost

Boston Theatre Company’s: Midsummer Nights Dream (Hermia)

Dir. Lisa Rafferty

Staples Commercial

Dir. Alison Antonowicz 

The Boston Conservatory: Everybody 

Dir. Pascale Florestal

The Boston Conservatory: Antigone

Dir. Wanda Strukus


EOS Commercial

Dir. Marc Colucci


Dir. Pascale Florestal

The Boston Conservatory: Much Undone 

Dir. Sierra Lancaster

The Boston Conservatory: Macbeth

Dir. Sarah Cosgrove

Boston Playwrights Theatre: Stop N Frisk

Dir. Jacqueline Parker





Berklee Thrive Full Scholarship Awardee

NAACP ACT-SO Silver Winner

Thomas Derrah Emerging Artist Award

Writing & Directing

In 2022, for my Senior Capstone, I wrote my first play, and swiftly put it into work all within 2 months. This project included lots of tablework, interviews, journaling, reimagining in variation options and audio editing. I am proud to come out of the other side of the processed, equipped with knowledge as both a writer and director, especially when I needed to separate my direction from my “Dream Image” of the work and this first iteration. I am on my way to publishing, and putting together future iterations. These works are projected to vary between PG-13 content, varying budget availability, and shortened versions of the script.

Correct Flyer.png

HellWhore is an exploration about what a whore is, what makes one, and who determines when moral lines are crossed. 


The show serves as a Not-So-Rhetorical question to our era concerning slutshaming and is a middle finger to the breast that nurtured that culture.

HellWhore is developed as a vignette-styled piece told through acting, dance and audio and is based on real life events that I’ve encountered. 


Think “gruesome career day”.



Captured by Wes Verge


Erika Brown @ The Cricket

Lil Mama (Sadiyah "Dyce" Janai Stephens) is sparky, smart, and every bit a pre-teen, right down to the eye-rolling and slipper dragging as she's ordered around by her impatient but loving mother.


Sadiyah "Dyce" Janai Stephens as Lil Mama- [is] so sharp in their performances [and] shows all the possibilities (good and bad) of youthful choices.

Kati Nalbandan @
Creative Collective


The portrayal of Lil Mama played by Sadiyah Dyce Janai Stephens is to be noted as the actor dove into the physicality of a much younger, animated girl with authenticity and humor. As an ensemble, this production was cast very well, establishing an honest delivery of the story.


Gloucester Stage STEW Captured by Jason Grow Photography

David Greenham @ The Arts Fuse


When it comes right down to it, Lil Mama thinks all of the adults are a little crazy. Stephens' Lil Mama's delightfully expressive face responds to everything around her with amusing vigor.


Stephens creates a delightfully silly character. She's part free spirit, determined to do her own thing, and part sponge, soaking in all that's around her.

Jacquinn Sinclair @ WBUR


What helps is the physical comedy of Sadiyah Dyce Janai Stephens’ Lil Mama, whose childlike stomping, huffing, and puffing is quite convincing. Amid all the sisterly bickering in the family, Stephens draws the eye, eliciting laughter and empathy.

Gloucester Stage TALL TALES FROM BLACKBURN TAVERN Captured by Jason Grow Photography 

David Greenham @ The Arts Fuse



Actor 3 (the energetic Sadiyah Dyce Stephens) provides plenty of enthusiasm, but is willing to put her foot down when chaos approaches.


Dyce Stephens, as Actor 3, is determined and fierce… the performer has got plenty of spunk and is consistently fun to watch.

Jeanne Denizard @ Sleepless Critic

Sadiyah and Janelle share some humorous scenes as squabbling sisters and Sadiyah is compelling in Lil Mama's precocious moments.



Phoebe Mulry @ The Local News

Sadiyah Dyce Stephens is a charmer in a role described as “the Velvet Sledgehammer,” an amiable and enigmatic character that is not afraid to take control.

Gloucester Stage Company TALL TALES FROM BLACKBURN TAVERN Captured by Jason Grow Photography

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